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About For Women

Helping to support women and girls around the world to reach their full potential.

At For Women our mission
is in our name.

We act ‘for women’ and believe every girl and woman wherever she lives should have the right to health, education and prosperity. By undertaking projects and programs that empower women and girls to have real choices in their lives, For Women helps to support women and girls around the world to reach their full potential. We know too that when we take action ‘for women,’ we also take action for families, communities, and even nations.

The World Bank has estimated that the cost to countries of the loss of potential from girls unable to access education is somewhere between $15 trillion and $30 trillion. And in a time when we face so many questions about our future, from climate change to global poverty, how can we afford to lose the wisdom and skills of so many women and girls throughout the world? Each girl and woman should have the resources and opportunities to reach her full potential for herself, her family and her community.

At For Women our goal is to build from C-Quest Capital’s transformative work to help make the resources and opportunities available so that women and girls can realize their dreams, become truly empowered and help their countries and communities to thrive even in the face of global climate change.

Ever since [I received my scholarship], my life has been going in a positive direction. I can have dreams. I can go to college and I can achieve my dreams, because I am a girl who aims high!

Maureen Banda, 18