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Our Approach

Engaging communities and leaders to deliver projects that meet local needs.

For Women works through targeted projects undertaken in countries and regions throughout the world.

Currently initiatives are underway in Sub-Saharan Africa, and as the foundation grows, programs will expand to cover countries and communities in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central America. In order to have the most impact, For Women’s projects focus on working with communities where strong connections and trust have been built through women’s and communities’ participation with CQC’s transformation carbon projects, including cleaner cooking, agroforestry and other climate actions that support local and global environmental health and the long-term goals of sustainable development. Building on these well-established initiatives allows For Women’s projects to take advantage of both synergies and lessons learned to create and implement programs that result in strong positive impacts for women, their families and their communities.

With the profits from my business I can pay my child’s school fees, which I had trouble with before. The stove and the business work well together. I cook quickly now and have time to invest in my business.

Mercy Elomiya

For Women also creates a powerful impact by developing successful partnerships with local and international NGOs and proven service providers to bring together experience, know-how and funding to create change.

Funding comes directly from a reinvestment of returns from C-Quest Capital’s successful transactions and from contributions of a share of the purchase price of emissions reduction from the corporations that purchase them. This ensures that in addition to the benefits from the initial carbon transformation projects, for example, the clean cooking stoves program, women and their communities also directly benefit further from a share of the price received for emissions reductions.